Welcome Chapelhill Small Group Leaders!

Here you will find all the tools you need to equip you in leading your small group.


Relationships: While prayer and discussion of curriculum are key elements   of a small group, the driving force behind the group is the building of relationships.

Authenticity: The atmosphere of a small group should encourage openness and transparency among the members.  This is an environment where people should feel free to be themselves.

Confidentiality: For authenticity to occur, members must be able to trust that  issues discussed with a small group are not to be shared outside the group.

Respect: Group members should never say anything that will embarrass their spouse or other members of the group.

Availability: A primary responsibility of community is to prioritize for relationships.  This requires a willingness to be available to meet each other’s needs.

Commitment: Group members recognize the benefit of being committed to regular attendance and accountable to leadership and to others within the small group.

Rebecca Jensen

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